The water bill was increased by 70% once! A proposal forwarded to increase it again!

The officials made a related proposal to the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Water Supply regarding the need to revise the water tariff in a cost-effective manner.

Here, the officials of the National Water Supply and Drainage Board pointed out that a liter of water is still provided to consumers for about 2 cents and although it has recently been increased to 5 cents, the cost of processing a liter of water is about 12 to 14 cents.

Because of this, the officials point out that the water charges should be revised in a way that suits the cost.

The Ministerial Advisory Committee on Water Supply had recently met in Parliament under the chairmanship of Minister Keheliya Rambukwella.

The officials further mentioned that despite the recent increase in water charges, the cost of water supply has increased by 50% compared to the previous amount.

Therefore, officials point out that the current water tariff is not sufficient compared to the cost.

The Minister mentioned that attention will be paid to revision of water charges for parties other than low-income earners including the wealthy, the elderly community.

There was also a discussion about charging the government a tax on drinking water bottles and the current progress of water projects in different parts of the island.

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