The suspect who killed the civil aviation officer in Kahathuduwa was identified! He tried to leave the country last night! The elder brothers of the underworld leader Dharmasiri who is currently in Dubai! I Sri Lanka Latest News

On the 9th, near the Kahathuduwa Motorway exit in the Kahathuduwa Police Domain, Ellawala Liyanage Dunstan Prasad Perera (47), a close relative of the 41-year-old Dulangali Anuruddhika Mapitiyage, employed by the Katunayake Civil Aviation Authority, killed the woman and attempted to flee the country. The person in question has been arrested by airport police OIC. Sri Lanka Latest News

The suspect involved in this incident is the elder brother of Ellawala Liyanage Dharmasiri Perera alias Dharmasiri, a major drug trafficker living abroad.

The police who acted immediately reported the incident to the court and issued a travel ban against the suspect and informed the airport officials.

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