The story of the lovely lady who cheated affluent men, businesspeople, politicians, monks, and others!

If these three things (money, beauty, and women) are centered in one place, then he can do everything he wants in this world. An incident that has proven it once again is surfacing little by little these days. And the most important thing about it is that it explains how many brothers in our country bend in front of a woman. As an entrepreneur, she takes advantage of that weakness.

That weakness is not with her, but with men. Most of the time, men who earn money get defeated by the skillful execution of the charm of these women and become very miserable and helpless . After this happens , scolding that woman, calling her bad, and trying to hang her is futile. By that time, what has happened has befallen men.

We will start this story from the end. Usually, a story starts at the beginning. I thought it would be better to start at the end rather than the beginning because this story has already gone far enough. Various investigations are still going on regarding this incident. Even if the police investigations take place and the legal measures are taken very specifically, what turn this story will take is not certain.

We searched for that. Although we did not explain the legal side of some of the issues that we found out while looking for it, what we can see when we look at other fraud cases that have happened so far is that there is no correct and specific method to recover the money that she cheated. It means that according to the provisions of the law, there is no specific program to recover the money given to the concerned woman by these stupid people. In a way, she has the ability to punish.

But if she can prove that she doesn’t have any money, the people who gave her the money will have to put her in jail. Paid 157 rupees and few cents per day. That is the legal system in Sri Lanka. Therefore, you should be very careful in these financial transactions. You must be very legitimate. If she can prove that she has no money, that she is bankrupt, she will have to liquidate everything except a few items including her bed. But whether it can be done is a problem. Many rich people like this become cunning so that such a thing cannot be done. I’m not going to say how because it’s a legal matter.

Anyway, let’s go back to the beginning. While writing this, I felt that one more point should be added to the three points I mentioned at the beginning. That is religion. We are a country at the forefront of countries with strong religious devotion. Most of the poorest countries in the world are on the list of countries with strong religious devotion. Countries with the most crimes in the world. We do not challenge strict religious devotion. That’s how it is. People should have great religious devotion.

People should be very good. There is no problem with that. But the problem is that there are religious priests in these countries who have identified strong religious devotion. They know the people with strong religious devotion in our country very well. Because of that, they make the ideals of religion very easily marketable. It is something that people do in very undeveloped and tribal countries of the world. It is also happening in style in Sri Lanka.

When people in Sri Lanka are asked to spend money to build a temple, they do it without thinking twice. When the people of Sri Lanka are dying of hunger, when we rank sixth in the world in terms of malnutrition, what do people with money do when everyone says that our children do not get nutritious food? Fruits are offered to the temple. Sayana poojas are performed in the temple courtyard.

After spending more than six or seven thousand rupees, two sandals are offered to a Bodhi that never wears two sandals, to a clay idol that never needs a ‘mirivadisangal’. In the famous temples of our country, it is raining at the feet of the bodhisattva, in the idol houses, and around the big dagabs. If you calculate their value, it may be crores. The business is completely done by the monks of the temple. The temple gets profit from that business. Those profits are not distributed to the people of the village. Some of those profits will not be spent on building the temple. With that profit, the monks fill themselves with happiness to end the suffering. There is a similar story this time too.

We remember a white monk who tried to become a Buddha came out recently. Some young people had written on social networks that ‘monk, if possible, tell me how you became white, not how you became a Buddha’. Now that monk has made financial transactions with this woman. Why is that happening? We know that if you are a thief, people call that thief a thief. But if a thief asks for votes, we cannot call that thief a thief. If a thief is caught, we cannot call that thief a thief.

If a thief is caught, if someone is able to take pictures with a monk in a big temple on the right side, many people will not call that thief a thief because of their closeness to that monk. That trick works very easily in Sri Lanka. There are many monks in Sri Lanka who can hire one who has stolen crores of rupees. But it is not that there are no disciplined monks in Sri Lanka who do not sell for such money. If you want, talk to us and we will give you as many examples as you want. We have met them. But this time we are talking about that type of product.

Also, after looking at this woman’s behavior and pictures, another thing we can see is that she has been very closely associated with politicians. When it comes to associating politicians, we all know that this politician has the power in Sri Lanka. Power comes from wealth. If both power and wealth come together in one place, they are very strong. Unjust power and unjust money have more power than just power and just money. Although there is fair money in Sri Lanka, fair money is accompanied by unfair power very quickly. Even though Sri Lanka has fair power, with that fair power very quickly comes unfair money.

Therefore, the most dangerous situation in this situation is unfair money and unfair power. This is a case where unfair money and unfair power come together. And one more important thing needs to be said. That is all the pictures taken by this woman and her husband and we think politicians everywhere are not responsible for this story. The reason for that is that when a person comes and takes a picture with them, the politicians of our country are not interested enough to find out about that person.

However, if someone says that the people in these pictures are not fully responsible for this story, it is not possible to say that. Some people may be responsible for these in certain cases to certain extents. However, by now the theft has come out. The stupidity and stupidity of the people affected by this grand theft is still coming out. This is the very sad situation in Sri Lanka.

That is not the most important thing. It is not that this woman is so strong. It is not the question of why the police who brought this woman to an on-site investigation did not put even two handcuffs on her. These are all questions. But the most serious problem is where will they get this money. How did the monks who receive alms from people get this money? Where do these politicians get this money? None of these people have earned crores of money through hard work. These people enjoy themselves with the country’s money. Those who understand the law know whether this money can be recovered.

Thilina Priyamali starts this scam by renting an Alto car. Then they talk about a scam in a shed. It is a problem that how can this woman play so much when her ID card is in one place and her driver’s license is in another place. By now, this woman’s theft is emerging day by day like a spring. For the first time in my life, there is so much information that I wonder how to finish this article. Therefore, we will read more in detail on a future day.

Jeewana Pahan Thilina

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