The Shafter murder inquiry takes a fresh turn! Had Location Tracking been made available before to wife and his friend?

The Criminal Investigation Department is looking into whether Janashakti Group director Dinesh Shafter gave his wife Tani Shamin and his friend Fatrick Chris Perera access to his mobile phone’s location tracking before his murder. Special consideration has been given.

Mr. Dinesh Shafter, who left his home on Flower Road, Colombo 07, saying he would return in half an hour, was traced staying at the Borella cemetery by his wife Tani Shamin and Chris Perera using the location tracking facility.

According to sources, the Criminal Investigation Department has taken custody of Mr. Dinesh Shafter’s mobile phone for forensic investigation and to track the number of times the facility has been granted to his wife and friend in the past.

Mr. Dinesh Shafter’s wife has been interrogated by officers from the Criminal Investigation Department and Borella Police on several occasions and has given lengthy statements, but Dinesh Shafter’s friend, Mr. Chris Perera, has not been subjected to such questioning. Mr. Chris Perera was the one who took Mr. Dinesh Shafter, a victim of criminals, from the Borella cemetery to the Colombo National Hospital.

Borella Police conducted a preliminary interrogation and recorded his statements, and the Criminal Investigation Department is currently gathering information to question him in the future to learn more about him. Mr. Dinesh Shafter had also told Chris Perera that he was going to meet Mr. Brian Thomas, a cricket commentator, according to Chris Perera. As a result, the investigating officers interrogate Mr. Brian Thomas, record his statements, and even bar him from travelling abroad.

Mr. Chrish Perera is a Wattala resident who has worked closely with Mr. Dinesh Shafter for 19 years. According to investigations, he is also a company director. The Criminal Investigation Department believes that he, as Mr. Dinesh Shafter’s most trusted employee, will be able to unearth a wealth of information about the people with whom Mr. Dinesh Shafter was associated and those he dealt with, allowing the killer to be easily identified.

According to Senior Superintendent of Police Attorney at law Mr. Nihal Talduwa, the investigations into Mr. Dinesh Shafter’s murder are progressing. He stated that statements have been obtained from Mr. Dinesh Shafter’s wife thus far, and more statements will be obtained in the future based on new facts uncovered during the investigations. Aside from that, he stated that steps will be taken to take other people’s statements into consideration.

Statements have been taken from 50 people in connection with the investigation of Mr. Dinesh Shafter’s murder. Mr. Nihal Talduwa stated that the Criminal Investigation Department’s investigative team took 42 statements and the Borella Police Department took 08 statements.

“The suspect has yet to be positively identified. Suspicion revolves around a number of people. The Investigations, on the other hand, are conducted with a broad perspective. “Investigations are being conducted in a variety of fields,” Mr. Nihal Talduwa explained.

Mr. Nihal Talduwa went on to say that the criminal has yet to be identified and that steps will be taken to arrest those who are suspected as soon as evidence is received.

Mr. Dinesh Shafter’s wife informed the police that he was leaving his home and would return in 30 minutes.When the police searched the car in which Mr. Dinesh Shafter was travelling, they discovered  food wrapping envelop   from a snack stall located at Malalasekara Mawatha, Colombo 07. The bag was discovered to contain enough snacks for two people during the investigation.

Investigators have focused on the fact that he left home saying he would be home in half an hour and purchased a quick meal for two at a restaurant near his destination, Borella Cemetery. The Criminal Investigation Department’s investigators are looking into who he went to meet at the cemetery that day. According to a senior police officer, the murder of Mr. Dinesh Shafter will no longer be a mystery once the person is identified using specific evidence.

Spokesman for the Police Media Mr. Nihal Talduwa, Senior Superintendent of Police and attorney at law stated that the Criminal Investigation Department’s investigators are working around the clock to solve the murder mystery.

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