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Cheers to the New Year

At the onset of the New Year, the Samagi Jana Balawegaya emerged as the predominant political force, displaying resolute action and considerable political prowess. This was underscored by the inclusion of Mr. Shan Wijayalal de Silva, the esteemed senior vice-president and a key figure within the Sri Lanka Freedom Party’s power structure in the southern region, in their celebratory ranks.

Simultaneously, opposition leader Mr Sajith Premadasa strategically expanded the party’s influence by welcoming Dayasrita Thisera, a significant connection from a prominent family in Kurunegala. Further fortifying the political alliance under SJB’s leadership, Mr. G.L. Pieris from the Nidahasa Janata Sabha also joined their ranks.

In a bold move at the New Year’s outset, Sajith garnered support from influential figures such as G.L Peiris, and Dilan Perera, as well as the endorsement of minor party leaders including Rauf Hakeem, Rishad Badiuddin, Mano Ganesan, and Palani Digambaram.

Additionally, Sajith took a legal stand by approaching the Supreme Court, filing a fundamental rights petition against the Electricity Board’s decision to withhold relief from the public, despite the Board’s substantial profits exceeding 50 billion rupees.

News ‘plants’ from the government

Meanwhile, intermittent news has been surfacing from the government’s side at the commencement of the New Year. One notable report suggested that discussions were underway between two leaders from the Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) and the government, considering a potential switch from the opposition to the ruling party.

Additionally, reports were circulating, allegedly disseminated by the government through sympathetic media channels, about the abrupt dissolution of the government and the conclusion of the parliamentary term. However, these proclamations were met with scepticism by the populace, who have grown discerning of such tactics. The public, now well aware of these orchestrated manoeuvres, did not accord much seriousness to such news, displaying a lack of substantial interest. This indifference stemmed from the government’s history of repeatedly publicizing claims about opposition members crossing over to their side, a narrative that had been circulated numerous times approximately a year ago.

Chaminda’s resignation

However, by bringing various groups together and protesting against the government’s anti-people program, all of them wore ‘black’ and brought some strength to the first parliamentary meeting of the year. The reason for this was that Mr. Chaminda Wijesiri, from Badulla a strong youth member of the SJB, suddenly announced that he would resign from his position as a Member of Parliament. Chaminda came to Parliament on Tuesday morning, met the Speaker, handed over his resignation letter to the Speaker and came to the House. But till then, neither Sajith nor any member of SJB knew that Chaminda was to resign. Accordingly, when Chaminda came to the parliament, several MPs including Sajith, Gayantha, and Kiriella were seen seated there.

However, when Chaminda informed Sajith that he was resigning from the position of councillor today, Sajith got angry in a way that no one expected. It is related to taking such a serious political decision without any prior discussion at a very critical time.

Sajith angered

What exactly is this hideous work? Do not act in this manner. At a time when we are working hard to build this alliance, how can we move forward when you make decisions like this without informing anyone?” Chaminda Wijesiri, who responded to Sajith quietly, began to present the reasons that influenced his decision to resign as MP.

I am with you, sir

‘No, sir, I made this decision after careful consideration. Because I was deeply disappointed by what had previously occurred. I have no issue with you or the party, sir. However, I am dissatisfied with the politics. And I’m not going to the government. Will not retire from politics. Allow me to stay for a while. I will continue to work for you and the party, sir. Sajith responded angrily when Chaminda said, “Don’t have any doubts about it…”

I am not like Ranil

Don’t think that I am Ranil Wickramasinghe. Don’t get ready to work with me pushing me against the wall. I tell this to all. If we work, let’s work honestly as one. If this goes on, I will also have to make some decisions…’ and everyone was looking at Sajith in amazement.

However, Chaminda, who made his speech in the Parliament after that, praised Sajith, the leader of the opposition, saying that he helped him like a father in politics. Also, Chaminda, who sent a message to Sajith on Tuesday afternoon, said that he would hold a press conference in the evening and would also clarify this matter there. Chaminda, who spoke highly of Sajith in the press conference held in the evening, mentioned that he would enter politics again in the future. Chaminda also took the step to speak highly appreciating the work Sajith is doing for the school children of the country through the Sakwala program.

The mudslinging begins

However, the ruling party was ready to carry out a big campaign saying that through Chaminda’s withdrawal, a problem had arisen within the party and that the party was divided. But because Chaminda praised Sajith in the press conference and mentioned that he would enter politics again, the government could not capitalize on that. But as usual, the government’s smear campaign targeting Chaminda started after that. It was through spreading the news that a deal of 900 lakhs had taken place after this resignation and that the millionaire businessman named Nayana Vasalathilaka, who was the next representative to be elected to Parliament after Chaminda, was an Australian citizen. Some social media networks had reported that Chaminda resigned from the parliament after receiving 20 crores. Mr. Mahindananda Aluthgamage took steps to announce this in Parliament. Mahindananda said there that the media has reported that Chaminda resigned after receiving 900 lakhs and that the next person to take Chaminda’s chair is an Australian citizen and this is an undermining of the Parliament.

Fonseka replies

However, to everyone’s surprise, it was none other than SJB Member of Parliament Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka who answered. Fonseka stood up for Chaminda and said that Chaminda is a person who came to Parliament in a V8 car and resigned from Parliament in an Alto car, not someone like someone who came to Parliament in a K90 and went home in a D8 car. Also, Fonseka made a special disclosure about Nayana Vasalathilake, who is to come to Chaminda’s chair. That is, he is not an Australian dual citizen and only has permanent residency in Australia. Accordingly, Fonseka said that Mahindananda’s speech to Parliament was completely false.

Who is this Wasalathilaka?

Accordingly, we also did some research about this Nayana Wasalathilaka who is to fill Chaminda’s chair. There we came to know that Nayana Vasalathilaka is a millionaire businessman who is engaged in a container business in Australia. In the last general election, Vasalathilaka, who contested in SJB in Badulla, was also the owner of the GaleTitans team in the last Sri Lanka Premier League 20-20  tournament. Kurunegala Sajaba MP Nalin Bandara was a close friend of Nayana Vasalathilaka, and  Nalin Bandara was also seen working as an announcer at the Sri Lanka League match ground at that time. Apart from this, Vasalathilaka has also worked to help SJB financially in many difficult situations. It must be because of this that the smear campaign targeted saying that Chaminda resigned from the council after taking 900 lakhs from Wasalathilaka.

Why the story of K 90?

However, there is some reason behind Fonseka replying to Mahindananda by telling a K 90 story referring to Chaminda. That is, in a heated conversation between Mahindananda and Nalin Bandara in Parliament earlier, Nalin Bandara had mentioned that Mahindananda was a sales representative who came to Parliament in K90.

Economic conflict

Amidst all this, it has been seen that the operation of building the SJB-led alliance has reached its final stage. But it is still possible to see some kind of contradiction between the two sides from the isolated statements made by the members of the SJB and the members who are to join the SJB. As of last week, this situation was seen concerning SjB’s economic policy. Here, due to a certain statement made by Mr Harsha de Silva, who prepared the economic policy of SJB, and in response to the answer given by Dr Nalaka Godaheva, who is a member of the SJB alliance, it was seen that there is a conflict of opinion regarding the economy.

Many of the people who had complained to Sajith said that this situation should be resolved immediately and that everyone should speak from one point of view on the topic of the economy. Especially since the economy is stuck in a serious crisis at the moment, everyone had pointed out to Sajith that all should speak with one voice on the main topic of the political stage in the upcoming crucial elections. Also, many people had informed Sajith that if Ranil’s economic policy and SJB are the same, the people would not see any difference in it, and instead of Ranil’s economic policy that oppresses the people, a pro-people economic policy should be implemented based on welfare. Accordingly, Sajith called a special meeting last Wednesday to discuss this situation.

Harsha and Anura are in conflict

Meanwhile, there was some debate between Harsha and JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake. This was due to Harsha’s reply to a statement made by JVP based on the dollar crisis. Harsha said that he does not believe that JVP can solve this economic crisis. Accordingly, Anura took steps to answer this publicly at the conference held in Galle. There, Anura said, whatever Ranil proposed Harsha agreed. But in politics, he is in favour of Sajith and against Ranil. Either Harsha stands with his head while saying them, or he stands with his head while doing politics.

Welfare first

However, in the special discussion called by Sajith, the topic was this economic policy. It was seen that there was a wide discussion in this regard. Here, Sajith said that when talking about the economy, everyone in the party as well as all those who are going to join the party should speak with one voice.

We are completely against the economic policy that Ranil is taking. Under our government, we will not implement an economic policy that oppresses such people. IMF There is no problem in continuing to work with it. We are in that position. But there we should think about the people and give priority to the welfare program for the people. Harsha and Iran Wickramaratne, who was present at the discussion, both expressed their views in favour of Sajith when he said, “We as a government should fulfill the things that need to happen from the people’s side.” Both of them pointed out that there is no problem in that regard and that a welfare program should be launched for the people. However, Harsha and Iran had mentioned that one should not make popular promises that cannot be fulfilled and should be very careful not to say the impossible and only say what can be done. Accordingly, in the end, everyone came to a consensus and decided that while building an alliance, the existing economic policies should be modified to some extent and an economic policy should be unveiled that provides relief to the people that everyone can agree on.

All four are taken together

Accordingly, on Thursday, Sajith took steps to invite the Sajaba alliance’s economic experts, Harsha, Kabir and Iran, and Dr. Nalaka Godaheva, the former economic tycoon of Pohottuwa, who is part of the alliance, to attend a special occasion. That is to join the special discussion to be held on Friday with Mr. Suzuki Shunichi, the Japanese Minister of Finance, who is currently visiting the island. Accordingly, as of last week, Sajith was able to remove some disagreements between the three economic experts in Sajab, namely Harsha, Iran, Kabir, and Nalaka Godaheva, the economic strongman of Pohottuwa, and bring them all to a consensus.

Another foreign trip

One of the accusations levelled against the President by the opposition in the past was that the President had taken steps to undertake a foreign trip every month. In the past, the opposition had raised accusations that if it is not possible to go abroad, at least the President was on a visit to Sri Lanka or some province. From the government’s side, it was said that the President went on official visits and that the President has taken steps to bring some advantages to the country. However, this time we are going to talk about the two special foreign trips that the President is going to make this weekend through the ‘State Secrets’ channel. The first one is about the economic conference held in Davos, Switzerland. It is scheduled to start on Saturday (13). After that, the President is scheduled to go to Uganda to participate in the Non-Aligned Nations Conference.

Kananathan is out

However, with the President’s visit to Uganda, another special person has come to the fore again. It is none other than Velupillai Kananathan, the Sri Lankan Ambassador to Uganda. Kananathan of Velupilla is considered to be very close to former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. It was Kananadan who once arranged to send a private jet from Uganda to Sri Lanka for Mahinda to visit Tirupati. In the past, the English media had reported that two Sri Lankan planes had taken a large number of metric tons of printed material boxes to Uganda. Because of this, Velupillai Kananathan, the ambassador of Uganda, had become a well-known figure in the country’s media. However, with the announcement that the President is coming to Uganda on an official visit, it was seen that Ambassador Kananadanda was busy working on it. Accordingly, it is said that apart from official meetings, Kananathan has worked to add many other elements to the President’s visit. Among them, it is known that there are meetings with leading businessmen, organizing several super trips within the country, etc.

Two more to go

Meanwhile, two more special guests from Sri Lanka are scheduled to join the President’s visit. One of them is Mr. Ruwan Wijayawardena, who is a senior advisor to the President on environmental affairs. It is also reported that Ruwan’s close friend is also going to participate in the trip. It is also known that she is good at business deals.

In addition to this, it has been learned from reliable sources that another special person is also scheduled to visit the country during the few days of the President’s stay in Uganda. We are ready to reveal to the country who he is and why he is coming to Uganda while the President is staying in Uganda in an upcoming ‘Inside politics’ column. Many suspect that some very crucial discussions may take place during this visit as well.

Now people are aware

On many occasions before, we disclosed information through the ‘Inside politics ‘ column and mentioned the false news published in pro-government media, telling about MPs joining the government. Due to the revelations we have made, it is possible to see how the people are now aware of information to the extent that they say, ‘Oh, this is a role in the hands of the government’ as soon as they see such news. This time we are going to talk about such false news published by the government last week. That said, the UNP management committee met and appointed Mr Ranil Wickramasinghe as the presidential candidate, and they are negotiating with two SJB stalwarts to join the president’s election campaign, and both of them are ready to support it. The country will surely be able to see that this news is another lie within the next few days.

Why is Ranil silent?

Although there have been various false news on the part of the UNP aiming at the presidential election, the president has not yet seen anything publicly in this regard. There is a special reason for that too. This time we are going to reveal in the ‘state secrets’ belt a reason why the president has not said anything in public about whether he will run for the presidential election or not. It is nothing but an astrological matter. After the defeat of the last general election, Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe wanted to retire from politics. But at that time, it was not anyone else who changed Ranil’s opinion, but a few astrologers very close to him. The astrological advice they had given in their meeting with Ranil said that they should not leave politics at this moment and that within two years, a planetary yoga of gaining a very powerful position would emerge. They had said there that Ranil would be lucky enough to reach the highest position in the country through that. After losing the general election, Ranil delayed coming to Parliament for about a year because of this astrological advice.

Rahu-Guru harmony

The astrologers had indicated to Ranil that once again a Rahu-Guru harmony would emerge according to Ranil’s horoscope, through which he would gain these positions. In 1993, when former President Ranasinghe Premadasa passed away, Ranil was affected by a Rahu and Guru harmony. Accordingly, not only Premadasa, but all the seniors including Lalith-Gamini passed away and Ranil was given the position of Prime Minister. In the same way, by the year 2022, Rahu-Guru will once again harmonize and the opportunity will arise to go to the highest position in the country, but these astrologers informed Ranil that the power of the position will be lost as soon as the power of the harmony ends. Ranil had worked with this astrological advice in his head for the past period.

Accordingly, Ranil does not know that the power he had from Rahu has ended with the transfer of Rahu. But there is no problem because the Guru’s power is still there, and Ranil does not know that the power of this Rahu-Guru harmony will end completely with the change of Guru scheduled to happen on May 1st. In the past, Ranil took all these political decisions keeping this situation in mind. Accordingly, Ranil has to carefully analyze the political situation that will emerge after May and make a decision regarding his future political activities. We report this through the ‘State Secrets’ channel with great responsibility.

Don’t be hasty

  Accordingly, we also ask Ranil’s friends not to rush to say that Ranil is contesting the presidential election. Because for some reason, these people who are predicting that Ranil will run for the presidential election will face the same fate as the astrologers who predicted in the past, if it is finally announced that Ranil will not run for the presidential election based on astrological advice.

Another drama

It has already been announced that 2024 is an election year. Accordingly, the presidential election should definitely be held within this year. Apart from this, it is possible to hold general elections within this year if necessary. Accordingly, it is believed by many that both the main national elections will be held this year. Many say that the presidential election will be held first.

However, no matter what kind of election is held given the current situation, it is needless to say that it will be extremely unfavourable for the government. There is a belief among many that if a presidential election is held, Ranil will not contest it, and even if he contests, he will not be able to win. Due to this, it has been seen that various alternative proposals are being presented to the government to save the president and the government. One of the main ones has been the proposal to abolish the executive presidential system. In the past, although the topic of abolishing this executive presidential system was extremely popular among the people, due to the breaking of the promises that had been made to abolish it in the past, the topic has minimal value at present. At this moment, it is not possible to think that the main opposition Sajabayat and JVP will support it.

Who is the main actor?

However, with the understanding that winning the presidential election is difficult, it has been seen that the next drama has already started. The initiative for this has been taken by a certain senior political figure who is known to switch sides. The mission of bringing the drama that the presidential system should be abolished has been entrusted to this senior politician. It must have been seen that many actors and organizations behind the scenes and many words to be used have been prepared for that. Accordingly, it can be seen that this senior political figure is going to meet the leaders and start performing this play. It has also been seen that they are planning to meet with the cardinals and various organizations in the future to somehow take this drama further. It is heard that the government has given them various privileges for this. There is news that money has been allocated for this purpose in the budget various office facilities have been provided, and the families playing the main roles in this drama have been given various positions. Accordingly, it is also reported that the government has prepared all plans to perform this drama as a trump card to escape the presidential election battle.

Ready to attack

Also, there is an attempt to involve Sajba and JVP in this drama, but Sajba and JVP have already decided to react strongly against it. It is also news that JVP is preparing to make a special revelation about the main actors and actresses behind this drama. After that revelation, we are ready to reveal much more information that we have to the country.

A leader to the north

Two weeks ago, in a special disclosure that we revealed in the ‘State Secrets’ column, it was said that a big fight has emerged in the Tamil National Alliance, the main party in the north, for leadership. Currently its leader is Mr R. Sambanthan. We said there that this leadership battle started due to the suggestions that emerged from within the party that due to the illness of Mr. Sambandan, the leadership should be handed over to a young person and that should be done immediately because this year is an election year. And for that, M.A.Sumanthiran, who was a popular figure in the South and internationally. We mentioned there that Mr. Sumanthiran, Mr. Sreedharan, who was a popular figure in the North, and Mr Yogeswaran, a popular figure in the East, were present, and that the leadership would be decided mostly by a vote held within the party.

Confirming 100% of the disclosure we made, the TNA has now decided to hold a vote within the party at the end of this month and appoint the new leader of the party. It has been learned that the TNA has also decided to give 325 people the opportunity to vote. According to the current information, Sumanthiran is leading in this electoral battle.

Fonseka’s request

Although the working committee of the party had decided that the SJB candidate for this year’s presidential election was none other than Mr Sajith Premadasa, on two or three occasions field marshal, Mr Sarath Fonseka, had expressed contradictory views. At one point, Mr. Fonseka had said that he was ready to run as the presidential candidate if the people demanded it. Also, Fonseka had organized several separate meetings aimed at presidential candidacy on two or three occasions without SJB seniors. Because of this, many suspected that some political conflict had emerged between Sajith and Fonseka.

However, last week Sajith and Fonseka were seen attending a political event together. It was a ceremony to provide a smart classroom to a school in Negombo under Sajith’s Sakwala programme. Fonseka, who was present, not only had a very friendly conversation with Sajith but also requested Sajith to provide a smart classroom under the Sakwala program in his seat, Kelaniya. Sajith also gave an immediate reply and said that he would work to provide a smart classroom to the children of Kelaniya in the future.

By Special Political correspondent

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