The Police Commission’s focus is on Operation ‘Justice’! The Police given a set of instructions on how to work! Strict penalties for officials who fail to comply! I SriLanka Latest News

The National Police Commission said that the National Police Commission issued an advisory series after monitoring how this operation was carried out, in the media, social media networks, and the complaints received by the National Police Commission.

The National Police Commission informed that this operation should be conducted within the legal framework of the country and in the manner prescribed by the law and that all officers should take care to ensure that the basic rights of security are not violated by the Constitution. Marga says.

In the series of lectures directed by the National Police Commission to the Inspector General of Police, it is also mentioned that strict disciplinary measures will be taken against those officers in cases where it is confirmed that these operations were carried out in violation of the law.

The commission has further informed the IGP that all the police officers should be informed in this regard and the National Police Commission should also be informed about the steps taken in this regard.

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