The opposition leader slammed the President’s decision to send Navy ships to fight in the Red Sea! Attending Non-Aligned Nations summit while not being a non-aligned nation is a farce! I Sri Lanka Latest News

At a time when the country’s school-going sons and daughters are unable to provide their daily meals, at a time when the youth, as well as micro, small and medium-scale businessmen and entrepreneurs, are in distress, at a time when 220 lakh people are severely destitute, at a time when unemployment is being promoted on a large scale, 250 million rupees have been spent from the country’s money. Opposition leader Mr Sajith Premadasa said in Parliament today (9) that it is problematic why the government decided to send an army naval vessel to suppress the Houthi struggle groups. Sri Lanka Latest News

The opposition leader said that they want to know if the foreign countries have promised to cut off at least 25 billion from the country’s debt and are questioning what is the benefit of this.

Also, the opposition leader Sajith Premadasa added that this government led by the President does not understand the suffering of the people of this country, from small children to pregnant mothers, school children and even young people are in dire need.

The opposition leader further said that it is problematic that such things are being done in this country which bankrupted Rajapakse’s son’s rockets when America was a strong country like India.

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