The one who destroyed the economy writes books safely, while the democratic strugglers are imprisoned. Sajith (video & photos)

Ajith Nivard Cabral, the former central bank governor who looted the country’s economy together with the Rajapaksa who started to bankrupt the country economically, has written a book called “Among the Economic Killers”, and on the other hand, Reverend Siridhamma, Wasantha Mudalige, who took to the streets for a democratic struggle in this country, have been jailed. Mr. Sajith Premadasa, the leader of the opposition, said that this is a strange situation.

When Nivard Cabral, who is among the few leaders who started to subject the country to economic murder, wrote books about the economic crimes committed by him and his gang without any problem, Siridhamma and Mudalige took to the streets against the gang that bankrupted the country economically and committed massive economic crimes. The opposition leader questioned the injustice of imprisoning the group.

The opposition leader said that the gang that committed the economic murder should be in jail, but what has happened is the jailing of the group that fought to prevent the economic murder.

The opposition leader said this while addressing the Samagi Jana Balawega Balamandal meeting in Dodamgaslanda Constituency.

A large number of people attended it.

The opposition leader added that the people of the country are demanding an election at the moment and that Samagi Jana Balawega will struggle to get it.

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