The newest mastermind behind a substandard drug scam has been revealed! travelled to England 16 times! owns a big house there! Riding a Super Benz! EXCLUSIVE: Sri Lanka Latest News

Dr Rukshan Bellana, President of the Government Medical Officers’ Association, said to ‘Mawrata’ that a Sinhala national organization has revealed information that a senior official in the health sector, who is currently under suspicion regarding the drug mafia, has visited England 16 times in the past and has bought a house there. Sri Lanka Latest News

Dr Bellana has decided to inform the trade unions that it is being revealed that the concerned officer has bought a Benz car and that money transactions have taken place under the Undial system.

He mentioned that the information that is being revealed raises doubts about whether he is the second mastermind of the drug mafia, and if that is the case, the Government Medical Officers Forum will work in the future to provide support for the investigation.

Premalal Wijeratne

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