The killer of Dinesh Shafter identified! Attempts to deceive the investigation! 24 hours a day,on the lookout for the suspect. Arrest soon!

The Criminal Investigation Department’s Organized Crime and Homicide Investigation Division is confident that once the phone analysis of Mr. Dinesh Shafter, a director of the Janashakti Group, is completed, the suspect will be apprehended.

It is also reported that officers from the Criminal Investigation Department are closely investigating the person under suspicion before and after behaviour. Officials from the Criminal Investigation Department have not yet arrested or interrogated him because there is insufficient evidence against him.

After the phone analysis revealed the evidence, a senior police officer stated that they will not hesitate to arrest him.

According to the Criminal Investigation Department, this individual attempted to mislead the murder investigation.

The officer also stated that the investigations are on-going, with a strong emphasis on the locations where the suspect was staying at the time of the crime.

The official went on to say that if this person had committed the crime, they will be able to learn more about those who helped him.

Gayan Kumara Weerasinghe.

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