The interim budget ’22has earmarked 10 billion for LG elections, and the elections will be held on time – Election Commission

Chairman of the Election Commission, Nimal G. Punchihewa, said that an amount of 10 billion rupees has been allocated for the Election Commission in the interim budget of 2022, and due to this, the activities of holding the delayed local government elections in the first half of 2023 are being carried out as usual.

“As the budget allocations are sufficient, the local government elections can be held as soon as the preliminary work of the elections is completed. We don’t have any financial problem at all,” Panchihewa added.

With the signing of the 21st Constitutional Amendment by the Speaker on October 31, Mr. Punchiheva also stated that the work of the chairman of all independent commissions including the members of the board of directors was stopped.

“However, as long as the new chairman and directors are appointed by the Constitutional Council in accordance with the constitution, the independent commissions will continue their normal work,” said Mr. Punchihewa.

Mr. A said that the Commission has certified the 2022 voter list at the end of last month and currently the Election Commission is working to prepare the supplementary list that includes the names of those who have completed the age of 18 by September 30. It will be completed by mid-2023, which will enable the Election Commission to hold local government elections in early 2023.

All 340 local government bodies should be established by March 20, 2023 after voting under the provisions of the Local Government Election Ordinance.

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