The HRC has filed a lawsuit against the Ministry and the CEB for power outages during the A/L s! Failure to carry out directives! The commission has been insulted and disrespected!

The Commission has decided to file a case against the relevant parties for the offense of defamation and neglecting to implement the order of the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission.

It is related to the non-implementation of the directive to provide continuous electricity supply from January 23rd to February 17th, when the A.O.C. Advanced level examination will be held.

Accordingly, the relevant commission informs us that the relevant certificates have been forwarded to the Supreme Court today (27).

The Human Rights Commission also says that Secretary of the Ministry of Power and Energy M. P. D. U. Mapa Pathirana, Ceylon Electricity Board Chairman Mr. M. S. Ilangakoon and the Attorney General have been mentioned as respondents in this complaint.

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