The government plans a massive media and social media campaign against holding LG elections (EXCLUSIVE).

 The opposition has received reliable information that the government is currently planning an intensive campaign using mass media and social media to create an opinion and views among the masses in order to demonstrate that the country does not have a suitable environment for an election.

Information suggests that the government’s main objective has been to convince the people that there is no money to conduct elections. Furthermore, January is Advanced level examination month, making it an inappropriate time to hold polls.

 Information suggests that the government will use state, private, and social media channels for this campaign.

Nonetheless, all opposition parties are currently seeking legal recourse, requesting local government elections, and emphasizing that the government cannot postpone elections for any reason.

If the government acts illegally to postpone elections, the opposition has begun talks to rally all parties except the government’s allies to form a massive coalition to oppose the government’s moves, according to political sources.

It is also reported that many reputed and reliable professionals have joined forces with opposition parties, and that further negotiations are currently underway.

It is also reported that the UNP and Pohottuwa, who are adamant about not holding elections, and the JVP, who are deafeningly silent on the issue, are not being considered for this massive coalition.

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