The government has refused to appoint Harsha as chairman of the Finance Committee!  Proposed Mayantha’s name! The opposition is against it! Mayantha told to leave! He refuses!

It is reported that a hot situation has arisen with the proposal of the name of Mr. Mayantha Dissanayake, the MP who was appointed by the government for the position of chairman of the State Finance Committee.

Earlier in the selection committee, the name of Dr. Harsha de Silva had been confirmed.

But the ruling party has proposed the name of Mr. Mayantha Dissanayake for this today and it is reported that the opposition representatives have expressed their objection due to the fact that this work has been done without the agreement of the opposition.

However, later the main organizer of the opposition Mr. Lakshman Kiriella spoke to Mr. Mayantha Dissanayake and informed him to withdraw his name as this is not the party’s decision, but Mr. Dissanayake refused the request.

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