The government adopted online laws to implement state repression during elections! Rob the political rights of the people! Under our government, this bill will be abolished! People are allowed to express themselves freely! A special statement from Sajith! VIDEO I Sri Lanka Latest News

The opposition leader said that the government approved the Act related to online security in an election year to carry out state-centric repression and rob the political rights of the common people of the country and implement the repression. Through this act, the fundamental rights and human rights of the people of this country are being violated. Sri Lanka Latest News

The opposition leader emphasized that the political authority gets the ability to decide who is a terrorist and a patriot and the right to hold political opinions is completely violated.

Opposition leader Mr. Sajith Premadasa said this while making a special statement about the Act related to online security.

The Samagi Jana Balawega expressed their opinions repeatedly for a fair regulation and they asked to implement such a regulatory system after obtaining the opinions of various stakeholders. Still, they were given a limited time to do so. The opposition leader said that it was violated.

In a Samagi Jana Balawega and Samagi Jana Sandanha government, the repeal of this act plays a leading role and then a realistic, truthful, practical progressive regulation is implemented according to the views of all parties for the implementation of providing information based on the truth that allows the people to have good country and human rights that are secured. The opposition leader further insisted.

Also, opposition leader Sajith Premadasa added that through this approved bill, the government can get temporary comfort. It will be limited to a few months only, and the oppressors of the people will withdraw this bill in a government of unity.

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