The electricity board to revise the electricity bill again, prompting the Public Utilities Commission to consider the situation: consumers facing potential electrocution! I Sri Lanka Latest News

The Sri Lanka Electricity Board says that it requested the Public Utilities Commission to allow the increase in electricity bills. Sri Lanka Latest News
Its General Manager Dr. Narendra Silva said that due to the inability to produce the expected amount of hydropower this year, additional costs were incurred for the production of electricity.

The expected hydropower capacity this year is 4500 gigawatt hours.

But the general manager said that only 3750 gigawatt hours were available.

He mentioned that accordingly 750 gigawatt hours had to be procured from the thermal power plants and additional cost had to be borne for that.

In view of the current situation, Dr. Narendra Silva said that this additional request was made the day before to cover the additional amount spent on electricity production.

He mentioned that the detailed data related to it will be given to the Public Utilities Commission next Monday.

In this regard, Newsfirst made an inquiry to the chairman of the Public Utilities Commission, Professor Manjula Fernando.

He said that the request of the Electricity Board is to be considered.

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