Beijing residents afflicted with “Covid-19” will receive the American medicine “Paxlovid” from Pfizer.

The Chinese government and the Ministry of Health have decided to give the drug ‘Paxlovid,’ developed by the American pharmaceutical company ‘Pfizer,’ to those infected with ‘Covid-19’ in the Chinese capital, Beijing.

At the moment, the ‘Covid-19’ virus has begun to spread rapidly in China. The ‘Covid 19 Omicron BF7’ subtype is becoming more common in China.

The hospitals in Beijing’s capital city are now overcrowded with ‘Covid-19’ patients, and many are facing serious difficulties due to a lack of hospital beds.

‘Covid-19’ became severe in China because the Chinese government relaxed the strict health restrictions imposed by the country’s health departments. The Chinese Communist Party regime did so in response to widespread public opposition to the health-care restrictions.

This is the first time that the Chinese health department has decided to import the medicine ‘Paxlovid’ from the American company ‘Pfizer’ and give it to the people of Beijing in relation to ‘Covid-19’.

The first episode of ‘Covid 19’ sarted in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. To combat the spread of the ‘Covid-19’ virus, China provided its citizens with two types of locally produced immunisation vaccines, dubbed ‘Sinovacs’ and ‘Sinopharma’.

It is also claimed that these vaccines are not as effective as the Pfizer vaccine produced by Pfizer and the Moderna vaccine produced by Moderna. Western medical experts explain that this is why China is currently experiencing a severe ‘Covid 19’ epidemic.

“Chinese President Xi Jinping made the decision to reject Western vaccines. The Chinese president did not make this decision out of hostility toward the West. People were given access to locally produced vaccines in order to foster economic self-sufficiency. “The Chinese president preferred to give his people domestically produced vaccines rather than import them from abroad,” Dr. Yu Jie, a Chinese international affairs analyst, told BBC News.

(Source: Reuters)

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