The Bribery Commission has released its 2022 report, revealing that 45 out of 89 cases were withdrawn! I Sri Lanka Latest News

According to the National Audit Office, 89 cases related to bribery and corruption were filed by the Bribery or Corruption Investigation Commission last year (2022) and 45 cases were withdrawn for various reasons. (Sri Lanka Latest News)

It is stated in the audit report that by the 19th of December 2022, which was the date of the audit, only 20 cases had been re-filed.

In the year 2021, the Bribery or Corruption Allegations Investigation Commission closed 69 cases of bribery and corruption, out of which 40 cases, i.e. 58 percent of the cases, were withdrawn, according to the audit report.

The accused were acquitted in 18 cases. The audit report states that only the accused in 11 cases were found guilty.

The chief accounting officer of the Corruption Allegations Investigation Commission has told the audit that 20 of the withdrawn cases have been re-filed in 2022.

The Chief Counting Officer has stated to the audit that it has been decided not to file a case against 09 and they are working to file a case against 14.

The accounting officer has told the audit that since there are contradictions in the evidence in the remaining two cases, the prosecution is being discussed.

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