The bankrupt Sri Lankan Airlines is buying 11 planes! However, electricity bills will rise! Sell power plants! Is the government auctioning the nation? (VIDEO)

On the one hand, when the electricity bill is increased, on the other hand, it is reported that the bankrupt Sri Lankan Airlines will buy 11 planes and when there is a crisis like this in the country, instead of providing relief to the people, it is unacceptable to do such wasteful engagements, so please provide relief to the people and stop increasing the electricity bill. Opposition leader Mr. Sajith Premadasa requested in Parliament today (5).

The opposition leader said that after increasing the electricity bill once, it has been decided to increase the electricity bill on two other occasions and people cannot bear it. He said to listen to the demands of the people sympathetically and humanely.

Also, the opposition leader said that there are reports that there are plans to sell the power plants owned by the Electricity Board and if that is done, the current government is trying to turn this country into an auction land and it is strongly condemned.

Also, the opposition leader said that due to the increase in the electricity bill, nearly 45 lakh people, including small and medium scale businessmen, have become helpless, and the current increase in bank interest rates is one of the reasons.

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