The appointment was approved by the Legislative Assembly by a vote of 5-3! Kabir and I voted against it! Sajith explains the appointment of the Inspector General of Police in Parliament! A question about the Parliamentary Powers and Privileges Act! VIDEO I Sri Lanka Latest News

A problematic situation has arisen regarding the validity of the Parliamentary Powers and Privileges Act and although this Act states that the freedom of speech of the members in the Parliament is confirmed and that no lawsuits can be filed, court action is taken against the comments in the Parliament chamber regardless of the provisions of this Act. This is a serious problem. And said the opposition leader. Sri Lanka Latest News

Also, the opposition leader, who questioned why people who violate the Privileges Act passed to protect the privileges of MPs are not brought to the Privileges Committee, said that this is a serious matter.

Mr. Sajith Premadasa, the leader of the opposition, said this today (2) while commenting on the expenditure heading of the Ministry of Justice in Parliament.

The opposition leader explains how the new IGP was appointed

Although the decisions taken by the Legislative Council are not discussed openly, there is some ambiguity, so there is a need for clarification in this regard, and despite media reports that it was approved by the Legislative Council during the process of appointing the Inspector General of Police, it was approved in a 5 to 3 decision of the Legislative Council, he and Kabir said. The opposition leader said that Mr. Hashim and another person expressed their opinion against it.

The judiciary protected the rights of the people by exposing the people who bankrupted the country

Furthermore, with the bankruptcy of the country due to the implementation of inefficient economic policies, considering it a violation of fundamental rights, the bench led by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court gave a decision that would give relief to the people of the bankrupt country and through this decision, 600-700 million financial grants were given and the national income was a percentage of the gross domestic product. The opposition leader said that due to the reduction from 12 to 8 percent, the people who bankrupted the country were revealed and this judicial process was done to protect the rights of the people of the country.

A systematic plan is needed to deal with natural calamities

The damage caused by New Diamond ship near the east coast caused huge damage and before that, there was an incident in Trincomalee where a ship was grounded no lesson was learned from these two incidents and therefore no proper program was implemented to deal with the Express Pearl crisis and now to get compensation. The opposition leader said that even though there is a program in place from the Ministry of Justice, a systematic program is needed to deal with such disasters even now.

The opposition leader emphasized that several ministry departments and government institutions should come together and start an urgent program to deal with this if something like this happens in the future.

The fundamental rights chapter needs a new interpretation

According to the Western-centered concept of fundamental rights, although it is civil and political rights, after the independence of countries under imperialism, in addition to these civil and political rights, economic, social, political, cultural, educational, religious and environmental rights should also be fundamental rights. The leader of the opposition also emphasized that the fundamental rights chapter should be amended and these rights should be included as in South Africa, as the Samagi Jana Balawega is also of that opinion.

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