Technical problem! Issuance of TIN numbers postponed! Sri Lanka Latest News

Minister of State for Finance Dr. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya said yesterday (11) that it was decided to temporarily postpone the program of opening a tax number (TIN) for employees by going to each government institution due to some practical problems and technical problems. (Sri Lanka Latest News)

Also, the mandatory decision to provide a TIN by the 1st of next month when opening a current account, registering and renewing vehicles has been postponed until April and the decision to give time for this is due to the insufficient nature of the technical facilities. He said that he did.

Only persons above 18 years of age who earn more than twelve lakh rupees per annum are eligible to pay tax. Thus, everyone who has completed the age of 18 must obtain a tax identification number. But that does not mean that all of them are subject to tax liability.

The Minister of State for Finance further stated that it is mandatory to present the tax identification number when opening a current account, requesting approval for building plans, registering a vehicle, renewing a license and registering land ownership from April.

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