Suspect who steals magistrate’s car demands Rs. 500,000 to return it

The suspect who stole the luxury car belonging to the Kuliyapitiya Additional District Judge which is valued at Rs.6 million has telephoned the magistrate and demanded a ransom of Rs. 500,000 to hand over the car and documents in the car.

The Police launched an investigation after the official car of Kuliyapitiya Additional District Judge Amila Sri Sampath was stolen from Madapatha area after the Magistrate was locked up in a two-storied house.

Police said the magistrate informed the police that he had recieved a call from the man who stole his car claiming that he was unware that the owner of the car was a magistrate.

He told the magistrate that he came to know of his profession through the newspapers. 

He demanded Rs.500,000 to return the car.

It was reported that the Magistrate had not responded to the demand made by the suspect.

Police said investigations are underway to arrest the suspect through the mobile phone number used to call the Additional District Judge.

However, investigations have revealed that the suspect made phone calls from a SIM card obtained under the name of a woman. The woman in question was born in 1960 and she had died a few years ago

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