Sumanthiran reveals President’s deal

TNA MP M A Sumanthiran has defended the oppositions’s decision to not take up positions in the government.

In a tweet, the MP has said that it’s not the fault of the SJB, JVP and TNA that the Prevention of Terrorism (PTA) is being misused and 37 state Ministers were appointed.

“He (President) is the only one who can sign Detention Orders, 20th amendment gives him sole powers to appoint Ministers” he said.

He further said that former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa had almost agreed to pass the 21st amendment, abolishing Executive Presidency and early elections, which would’ve paved the way for people to change the rulers.

The MP went on to say that President Wickremesinghe knew this very well but chose to do a deal with the Rajapaksa’s in order to satiate his life-long ambition. He also said that Parliamentary election is the solution and the opposition should push for it. 

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