Still 33 years old! Raj Munasinghe is shot dead by the police!

A 33-year-old technology entrepreneur named “Raj” aka Rajan Munasinghe, of Sri Lankan origin, was shot dead by a police officer in Austin, Texas, USA.

The shooting took place in the early hours of November 15, when Raj Munasinghe was returning home after a visit.

Suspecting that a robbery would take place in his house on that night, he came to the hall from the front door of the house with a rifle in his hand.

Raj’s relatives told the American media that an Austin police officer who had arrived at the scene immediately ordered Raj to drop the gun in his hand and shot him.

Austin police have questioned why Raj Munasinghe was “killed” so quickly before being given a reasonable time to drop the weapon.

Raja’s brother has stated that Raj had got a rifle for protection and that crimes had been committed in that area recently.

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