Stay indoors! 24 hour climate warning by met department

The Department of Meteorology has issued a warning notice regarding strong winds and rough seas from 4.30 pm today (23) until 4.30 pm tomorrow (24).

According to the Meteorological Department, the depression over the North Andaman Sea developed into a deep depression and was located near the East Central Bay of Bengal this morning.

According to the Meteorological Department, it is likely to move towards the northwest and further develop into a cyclonic storm over the central Bay of Bengal.

The wind speed will be around 60-70 kmph in sea areas between 12 and 20 north latitudes and 85 and 100 east longitudes and may increase to 80 kmph at times.

The Meteorological Department added that the sea will be rough or very rough and there may be rain or thundershowers.

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