Sri Lanka to witness partial solar eclipse at sundown Oct 25

Sri Lanka will witness a partial solar eclipse at sundown Tuesday October 25, astronomer Anura C Perera said.

Perera told reporters Tuesday morning that it will be a sliver of an eclipse, visible for a very short period between 5.30 and 6pm.

The eclipse will be best observed in Jaffna, he said, where it may be observed from 5.27pm to 5.49pm, peaking at 5.46pm covering over 8 percent of the sun’s disk.

For Colombo, it will be much smaller, covering only 1.6 percent of the disk, and visible from 5.43 to 5.49pm.

Though the sun will be dim at the time of the eclipse as it is just before sunset, people are advised to use some kind of protective eyewear to look at the celestial event.

A spokesperson for the Meteorological Department said on Monday that there may be some cloud cover at the time of the eclipse, but at the time of writing, Colombo skies appear fairly clear. (

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