Sri Lanka is the only Asian country under IMF supervision: governance has deteriorated to low levels, as evidenced by the Express Pearl damage claim issue! Eran I Sri Lanka Latest News

Mr. Iran Wickramaratne said that Sri Lanka is the only country in Asia where the International Monetary Fund has put laws on governance.

He also said that there is a problem of prosecuting Natasha Edrisuriya, and that he is against arrest under the Terrorism Act or the ICCPR law.

He went on to explain Sri Lanka is the only country in Asia where the IMF has placed conditions under their supervision. This indicates that the country’s management has reached rock bottom. This is also clear when the EC requested money for the LG elections it was not hououred , and the damage caused by the express pearl ship, which ran into billions of dollars, could not be claimed by the government.

He stated that his position is not to defend wrongdoers, that there is no problem with filing a law suit against Natasha, but that taking her into custody under the ICCPR is unlawful. The government is abusing the PTA and the ICCPR to quell opposition to the government.

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