Sri Lanka Faces Significant Population Decline in 2023, Driven by Migration and Demographic Shifts”

The Population and Statistics Department reports a notable decrease in Sri Lanka’s population in 2023, attributed to a combination of factors including emigration, declining birth rates, and increased mortality rates.

In 2022, the population stood at 2,181,000. By 2023, it had decreased to 2,037,000.

Moreover, the number of newly registered births dropped from 361,800 in 2022 to 268,920 in 2023.

Simultaneously, the annual death rate rose, with registrations climbing from 125,334 in 2014 to 196,000 in 2023.

Migration played a significant role, with the number of people leaving the country soaring from 85,572 in 2022 to 222,715 in 2023.

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