Sri Lanka donates 6 million Pfizer vaccinations to Myanmar following unsuccessful booster

Sri Lanka is now sending about 40 million US dollars worth of Pfizer vaccinations to Myanmar, as the majority of people are hesitant to acquire the fourth or second booster dose.

Sri Lanka, which struggled to obtain Covid-19 vaccines during the early stages of the pandemic, purchased 18 million Pfizer vaccines for booster doses. However, because only a few Covid-19 patients are diagnosed on a daily basis, many Sri Lankans have yet to receive their first and second boosters.

Over 9 million Pfizer vaccines are still available, according to the Health Ministry sata.

Health Minister Keheliya Rambukwella stated that Sri Lanka has begun the process of donating the majority of the leftover vaccines to Myanmar.

“WHO has now prolonged the vaccine’s extension time till the end of this year” (World Health Organization). “I’m attempting to transfer 6 million doses to Myanmar,” he told EconomyNext on Thursday.

Although 17.1 million Sri Lankans received the first dose, just about 200,000 persons received the fourth dose, or the second booster dose, according to official figures.

“They’re complacent about it,” the minister remarked of the public’s reaction to receiving the second booster dose.

As a result, Sri Lanka is now attempting to transfer them to Myanmar, where cold chain storage is an issue.

“These folks (Myanmar) are doing their best since we are donating to them.” We are unable to sell it. This is a rule. So we’re working on that, and WHO is working on it as well. “The only thing they have to do is prepare their cold chain,” Rambukwella explained.

“We will only proceed if the WHO recommends it after monitoring their cold chain.”

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