SLC and the on-tour administrators should resign immediately.

SLC brought disrepute to the country along with Danuska

After the event involving Danuska Gunatilake was published, many people pointed fingers at Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC). The governing body of cricket in Sri Lanka. The primary question that was raised was regarding the reasoning behind the team’s management and the SLC’s decision to keep an injured player on the touring team.
In the moments leading up to this, a couple of players had to be evacuated due to injuries, and the team had to bring in substitutes. As replacements, several individuals joined the team, including Kasun Rjitha and Binura Fernando. As a result of this, Binura Fernando, too, received an injury and returned home.

In a statement that they have issued, circulate in social media , SLC statement they explain why they have retained cricketer Danushka are dumb and foolish.
They report that he was making a speedy recovery and moreover he is getting adapted quickly to the weather conditions of Australia.
Who is going to believe this ridiculous falsehood by the SLC?

Misinformation, as is typical for the cricket board, is being disseminated. Why, if what they say is accurate, would they pick someone else to take Danushka’s position if they are telling the truth? This player was the beneficiary of some of SLC’s favoritism, being retained despite the fact he is unable to play. In any of the matches in which he took part, he did not perform that well. Much more was expected from him compared to what he has delivered.

If a player is hurt and the team wants to keep him on tour just because he is accustomed to the climate, it is not a sufficient reason to do so. The Sri Lanka Cricket Board needs to become aware of the fact that the country’s reputation is inextricably linked to cricket because it is a sport that a large number of people take part in and love watching.

If he is not taking part in the games, then it is unclear who is footing the bill for him to remain on the squad… Before reaching a judgment regarding what should be done about Danushka’s situation, Sri Lankan cricket and the tour administrators should individually take responsibility for this scenario and resign from their positions. Quit while you’re still ahead and save the cricket board some embarrassment!
I now turn the floor over to you, Minister of Sport.

By A concerned cricket fan

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