SJB initiated this debate on Easter attack to unearth the truth not to sling mud at individuals – Opposition leader I Sri Lanka Latest News

The opposition leader Mr. Sajith Premadasa said today that this debate was presented as a proposal of the Samagi Jana Balavega on behalf of the community affected by the Easter attack and the investigations conducted in connection with it. It is not under any circumstances to slander or insult a person and the main purpose and objective of this is to understand what is the truth. He said in Parliament today (22). Sri Lanka Latest News

The opposition leader said this while participating in the Easter debate held in Parliament today.

There, Mr Sajith Premadasa, the leader of the opposition, further said that some members of the ruling party said that this came to the fore because of a movie on Channel Four, but they are saying that they are sleepy members who have no idea about this. The opposition leader said that the entire country was alert regarding the truth and the mastermind here and the Samagi Jana Balawega always spoke attentively in this regard.

The United States of America prepared a commission report regarding the attack on September 11, 2001, but as the leader of the opposition, even though he is not an American citizen, he is in possession of the report at the moment and they did not hide the reports by presenting false conditions like in Sri Lanka. The opposition leader added. The leader of the opposition said that they were able to find the truth because they worked in the commission without any party bias and in addition, they were able to take long-term security measures

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