Shocking Matricide Shakes Nawalapitiya: Son Admits Brutal Attack, Cites Black Magic Influence I Sri Lanka Latest News

Police have arrested a 41-year-old son who killed his 67-year-old mother by beating her to the point of breaking twenty-two ribs. Sri Lanka Latest News

S. Sellamma resident of the upper part of Nawalapitiya Bohill, has been killed in this manner. She is a mother of two children. This is the second time in two weeks that a mother has been beaten to death by her son in the Gampola Police Division.

Ruchira Nadira, the forensic doctor at Nawalapitiya Hospital, had revealed during the post-mortem examination that the mother suffered multiple injuries inside her head and fractured her jawbone and twenty-two ribs due to her younger son’s beating.

The police said that the suspect had previously hit his father and injured his head, so the father had moved to their elder daughter’s house.

Also, on the 17th, his wife was attacked, so she also took the child to her main house.

After that, the suspect stayed at home with his mother for about a year and then had a quarrel with the mother and attacked her saying that she had sent him to work as a slave from the age of 16 and did not look after him.

Accordingly, at around eight in the morning on the 20th, he beat his mother, put her inside the house closed the door, and went to Nawalapitiya city.

When he returned home at around four in the evening and opened the door, he saw that the mother was dead and informed the neighbours.

The suspect has informed the police that the sick mother had died and said that there is no doubt about the death.

After that, the forensic medical officer of Nawalapitiya Hospital conducted the post-mortem examination and revealed that she died from multiple stab wounds caused by the assault.

The police say that the suspect has admitted to assaulting the mother and he has stated that a spell was cast upon him due to this for about one year he has been getting angry because he was subjected to a black magic spell.

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