Shocked by the brutality shown to pass the bill! The Supreme Court recommendations are not in the online bill signed by the Speaker! Transparency International is deeply concerned! I Sri Lanka Latest News

Transparency International has expressed its deep concern about the government’s action related to the adoption of the Online Safety Act. Sri Lanka Latest News

Transparency International further states that they were shocked by the brutality shown by the Speaker, the Parliament and the Attorney General in passing this bill.

According to Transparency International, the Speaker did not sign the bill, which incorporated the amendments suggested by the Supreme Court.

The Online Safety Bill, which was gazetted in September 2023, was ruled by the Supreme Court to be unconstitutional in several sections of the Bill.

Accordingly, the government promised in October to amend the bill in line with the Supreme Court’s decision.

Later in January, the revised bill was presented to the Parliament, and it was passed by a majority of the Parliament.

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