Shafter’s murder case in a mess! Shafter-tied antenna wire, cable tight found inside! Investigations change direction! Suspects were abandoned!

According to the Organized Crime Investigation Division of the Criminal Investigation Department, Dinesh Shafter murder investigation now has taken a different turn. Department has abandoned the areas of suspicions they had so far. The investigation department discovered evidence that the death was caused by another occurrence.

According to the report, the Criminal Investigation Department has taken steps to free Mr. Dinesh Shafter’s close relative from their suspicion.

A special team of Government analysts visited Mr. Dinesh Shafter’s home in Flower Road, Colombo 7, yesterday (24) evening and conducted an inspection at the request of the Criminal Investigation Department. According to the information gathered by the investigation teams, the remaining antenna wire that strangled Mr. Dinesh Shafter, as well as some cable ties that bound Mr. Dinesh Shafter’s hands, were discovered in that house.

The antenna wire was allegedly used for television in Mr. Dinesh Shafter’s mother’s home. 08 cable ties or so were discovered, and those cable ties were discovered in a desk drawer in Dinesh Shafter’s room. The Criminal Investigation Department has requested the opinion of the doctors who performed the post-mortem to confirm the new opinion regarding this death, but they have stated that this may or may not be the case. According to sources, the Criminal Investigation Department is currently gathering evidence to confirm its new opinion.

The Homicide and Organized Crime Investigation Division of the Criminal Investigation Department has now fully focused their suspicions to confirm the new opinion regarding Mr. Dinesh Shafter’s murder.

The Criminal Investigation Department’s investigators have now taken steps to clear all of the people who have been suspected thus far. Officials from the Criminal Investigation Department are still gathering evidence to confirm that his death was the result of a business transaction or other financial incident. As a result, the bank accounts of Mr. Shafter, his family, and business associates have been scrutinised.

Borella Public Cemetery is clearly familiar territory for Mr. Dinesh Shafter, as evidenced by his presence here. If Borella Public Cemetery was unfamiliar to him, he would not have stopped the car there.

Mr. Dinesh Shafter left his home at around 2.06 p.m. that day and purchased enough snacks for two people from a snack stall on Malalasekara Mawatha in Colombo 7. The post-mortem examination revealed that he had consumed that food.

Investigations have also revealed that the cable tie used to tie Dinesh Shafter’s hands is not one that is commonly used in this country. In addition, a minor cemetery employee noticed a person walking near the car where Mr. Dinesh Shafter was the victim of the crime. That person’s identity has not been revealed. Furthermore, the police information revealed that the new fact raised by the Criminal Investigation Department is a rare occurrence.

Meanwhile, investigators have focused in on a text message sent by the director to his mother-in-law, which reads, “Thank you very much to my mother for raising such a good daughter.”

Mr. Dinesh Shafter, the owner of several companies, has invested several crores of rupees in business activities, but his company is losing money day by day because the money is not being recovered as expected. Furthermore, a land worth approximately 300 crore rupees purchased in the Nuwara Eliya area has been taken over by  the Provincial Road Development Authority, the problem of Rs 160 crore given to cricket commentator Brian Thomas and the fact that he did not receive the Rs 85 crore invested in a business involving a member of parliament in the Jaffna area, and he has lost approximately Rs 2000 crore in business transactions worth several crores, according to statements given by close associates.

Spokesman for the Police Media Mr. Nihal Talduwa, Senior Superintendent of Police and Attorney at Law stated that officers from the Homicide and Organized Crime Investigation Division are conducting a thorough investigation into this murder to learn more about the crime’s motive, how it was carried out, etc.

In connection with the investigation, Dinesh Shafter’s wife Tani Shamin, Dinesh Shafter’s friend and employee Krish Perera, the cemetery worker who assisted in transporting Dinesh Shafter to the hospital after meeting him at the Borella cemetery and the mobile phone number of Dinesh Shafter’s office assistant were all directed to network analysis through a court order.

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