Shafter never rehearse dying, Police never inform it a suicide attempt. Who wants to cover up Shafter’s death as suicide? How do they get such information?

The Criminal Investigation Department, which is investigating the mysterious murder of Mr. Dinesh Shafter, who was a director of the Janashakti Group, has not yet made any specific confirmation regarding the murder.

The Police Media Spokesperson, Senior Superintendent of Police Advocate Mr. Nihal Talduwa, said in an inquiry in this regard that the Criminal Investigation Department, which is investigating the murder, has not even received reports on the 14 cases referred to the government inspector.

Mr. Nihal Talduwa said that the Criminal Investigation Department has informed him that the Criminal Investigation Department has not yet made a specific confirmation regarding this murder and that nothing has been reported even to the court.

“In the Alutkade Magistrate’s Court, the investigation of the Magistrate’s evidence hearing regarding the death of Mr. Dinesh Shafter took place last week. At that time, Mr. Shafter’s family made a request not to expose this to the media. That is why this examination was conducted without the media. There, the evidence was recorded only from Mr. Dinesh Shafter’s wife and Krish Perera who took him from the cemetery to the hospital. Testimony from two employees of the cemetery and many others has to be examined. Taste test reports are available. An employee of the cemetery says that someone passed by the car. It is also said that he can recognize him. In that case, how can we definitely say that this is a suicide? We did not go to the court to say such a thing. And we can’t even say that.” A senior officer of the Criminal Investigation Department said in a query about this.

The official said that his investigations haven’t shown that Mr. Dinesh Shafter had gone to the cemetery before to practice killing himself. The officer further stated that at least there is no evidence from his investigations to say that he was trained to kill himself by coming there in the past when there was no evidence about how his murder took place.

Week end ‘Aruna’ paper Head line and the story

Shafter’s death is a suicide! CID confirms!
Tissa Ravindra Perera

The CID has confirmed that the mysterious death of Janashakti Group Director Dinesh Shafter was a suicide.

Investigations conducted so far have confirmed that five days before Dinesh Shafter committed suicide i.e. on December 10, he visited the site of the incident at the Borella Public Cemetery and conducted a previous experiment.

This was also informed to the family at the Magistrate’s Testimony Hearing which was not open to the media at the Colombo Magistrate’s Court. Dinesh Shafter was found by an employee of Borella Cemetery on December 15th while his neck and hands were tied in the car and he died five hours after being admitted to the National Hospital. His vehicle was parked in the area known as the ‘orphan side’ of the Borella Public Cemetery.

The inspectors also found the antenna cable around his neck and the tie cable with his hands tied in his house, which he had bought through an employee of the house. It has been revealed that Shafter strangled himself with the antenna wire using the driver’s seat with cable ties on his hands and did not take his last breath at the same time because he strangled himself.

An investigation chief revealed that investigators have already found evidence of many of his behaviors before he committed suicide. The doctor who treated him has given evidence to the Criminal Investigation Department that he even received medical treatment for depression due to the increase in debt due to business activities.

In addition to these evidences, physical and scientific evidences were also used for the investigation and statements were obtained from 84 people including Shafter’s wife and aunt regarding this mysterious death and CCTV. All of Shafter’s movements were examined by forty camera views. On the instructions of DIG Prasad Ranasinghe in charge of the Criminal Investigation Department, the investigation is under the direction of Senior Superintendent of Police Hemal Prashantha, Director of Homicide and Organized Crime Division.

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