Seeduwa head prelate slain; novice monk captured in BIA

A senior monk at a temple in Seeduwa was killed by an 18-year-old monk. The person who spoke for the police said that an arrest was made in Katunayake.

On Thursday, the suspect was caught when he tried to fly to Dubai (15).

A 50-year-old monk was found dead in a Temple in Seeduwa. It was unclear how he died.

Police said that they heard about a bad smell coming from the Wettewa Nandaram Temple on Wednesday evening (14) and sent a team to investigate right away.

Police officers were surprised to find that the 50-year-old Chief Incumbent’s room was locked from the outside and had a bad smell coming from it.

After breaking the locks and getting into the room, the police found the Chief Incumbent’s body.

The body of Thero was found with his eyes tied shut and his mouth covered with a cloth, the police said.

Later, it was said that another monk had lived in the Temple, but that he had left without telling anyone.

Not only is the Defender SUV missing, but so is a small car that was seen parked at the Temple Premises.

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