Sajith Spearheads Opposition Against Privatization of Profitable Government Entities: Demands Transparency on Telecom-Insurance Corporation Sale, Questions Brokerage Deals Selling 8 Billion Valuation at 4 Billion! VIDEO I Sri Lanka Latest News

Not only revenue generation, but it also includes objectives such as preventing market monopolies, social welfare and linking those businesses with national security, and accordingly, to reduce the operating costs of the currently profitable institutions and solve administrative problems based on the restructuring of loss-making public institutions and new management concepts. The opposition leader said that attention should be directed.Sri Lanka Latest News

Although loss-making institutions should be restructured and profit-making institutions should go for a system that can get more profit, the unit established for the restructuring of public institutions should study and submit a report on the restructuring of their controlled companies including telecom and insurance companies and submit that report. said the leader.

The opposition leader said that if an assessment has been made regarding the assets of the telecom company and the institutions that have submitted bids for investment in the shares of the telecom company, it should be tabled. This report should not be submitted to the country and the report of the Sectoral Oversight Committee on National Security on 9.6.2023 stated that further privatization of the telecom company may harm the national security and restructuring at a time when it is not recommended because the ownership of the telecom system is owned by a company outside the government. Mr. Sajith Premadasa, the leader of the opposition, questioned in Parliament today whether the government is responsible for the effects on security.

Opposition Leader Mr. Sajith Premadasa said this today (9) while being questioned under Standing Orders 27 (2) in Parliament.

The opposition leader insisted that the profit and loss report of the Minister of State for Finance shows that the profit was more than the profit after the privatization of the insurance corporation when it was owned by the government and we need to know the reasons behind it.

The leader of the opposition said here that there is a preparation to sell the property worth 8 billion belonging to the Urban Development Authority for 4 billion.

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