Sajith responds to Ranil’s Hitler speech (VIDEO).

He is not surprised by the President’s statement that he will not hold an election. He came to the Parliament as a National List Member without an election, became the Prime Minister on the consent of the former President and then became the President on the consent of the majority of the Parliament, so he does not understand the value of an election. The opposition leader said that there is no and said not to care about his speeches.

Because the person who became the president after getting 69 lakh votes, the person who became the prime minister after getting 68 lakh votes and the finance minister of the parliament had to forget where they were once and had to go home not because of the election but because they were driven away by the people and therefore the current president did not forget that too. Mr. Sajith Premadasa, the opposition leader, said today (24) while joining the budget debate for the third time in Parliament.

When the President said that he would not hold an election, some of the slaves in the House cheered in support of it and he did not approve of cheering as a person elected by the people’s vote when someone violates the democratic rights of the people. The opposition leader further noted some have fallen into a slavery detached away from another type of slavery. The opposition leader said that the 220 lakh people of the country were extremely saddened when a few slaves applauded the President’s speech and a people’s force for democracy will be created soon.

The leader of the opposition further said that the distortion in the current parliament should be corrected and the president who claims to value democracy is requested to immediately remove the opinion he said yesterday and give the opportunity to hold an election and restore the country to a state of recovery.

The opposition leader questioned if the current president is someone who knows to show gratitude to the help rendered by someone, he should be thankful for the struggle because he became the president because of the struggle and said that the peaceful struggle turned into violence because of the attack on May 9. The opposition leader said that he does not condone any kind of violence and that legal action should be taken against those who commit such acts of violence.

The opposition leader also stated that if the peaceful public struggle is attempted to be suppressed by emergency law and the security forces, the opposition will oppose such moves. He added that he will work to provide the necessary leadership and that no force will be able to prevent the people from rising up against the Rajapaksa family, which has destroyed the country’s economy.

The individual who claimed to be a follower of Mahinda Rajapaksa should be informed that he is no longer the opposition leader, having been appointed president, and therefore such false propaganda cannot destroy the opposition, which includes him. He concluded that he would never be a Rajapkses disciple and would never betray his principles and spirit.

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