Sajith decides to oppose the formation of a parliamentary selection committee at the party leaders’ meeting tomorrow.

According to reports, Samagi Jana Balawegaya has decided to oppose President Ranil Wickramasinghe’s proposal to form a parliamentary selection committee at tomorrow’s party leaders’ meeting.

In this regard, for the past few days, discussions have taken place among SJB seniors, with almost all of them emphasising the underlying goal of the government establishing a Parliamentary Selection Committee by putting forward proposals such as reducing the number of MPs in local government bodies and regulating election expenses, increasing youth representation, and so on is to postpone local government elections.

The seniors have informed the opposition leader that the government intends to persuade Tamil party members that once the northern conflict is resolved provincial council elections will be held.

As a result, they believe that this proposal should be rejected.

The opposition leader has decided to inform party leaders of his party’s position at the party leaders’ meeting tomorrow.

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