‘Roshan Ranasinghe was caught stealing a land crusher worth 2 crores’ – MP Piyatissa yesterday! ‘The owner of the jeep is the manager of Minister Roshan’ – MP Piyatissa yesterday! What is this accusation of Piyatissa who told two stories in two days? True or false? VIDEO I Sri Lanka Latest News

Mr. Nimal Piyathissa, a Member of Parliament, made two contradictory statements in Parliament regarding a Land Crusher Jeep that was said to be in a vehicle yard belonging to former Minister Roshan Ranasinghe. Sri Lanka Latest News

Yesterday Mr. Nimal Piyatissa said that the Jeep in question belongs to Minister Roshan Ranasinghe.

But yesterday, MP Nimal Piyatissa said again in Parliament that the jeep belonged to Indika, who is the minister’s manager.

Accordingly, we have seen a big discussion in society regarding these two statements of the MP.

Yesterday’s speech that Roshan’s manager was involved!

The statement made the day before that Roshan Ranasinghe is involved!

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