Repeal the bill immediately! Stop the repression! Stop the repression of trade unions immediately! Electricity-Post-Bank-Port-Insurance-Railway-Telecom workers decide to go on the road at the same time! Sri Lanka Latest News

Ranjan Jayalal, General Secretary of Ceylon Electricity Workers’ Union states that arrangements have been made to hold nationwide protests demanding the immediate repeal of the Electricity Board Act, the immediate reinstatement of suspended employees and an immediate end to the suppression of trade unions. (Sri Lanka Latest News)

He said that arrangements have been made to hold these protests on the 7th at noon in front of the main offices of the Electricity Board.

It is said that representatives of many public and private trade unions, including post office, bank, insurance, port, railway, and telecom, will participate in the protest conducted by the employees of the electricity board.

They also assure that there will be no disruption to public service during this protest.

Source: lankasara

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