Quality maize for triphosha for malnourished children has become a problem. Health Ministry

According to the Ministry of Health, difficulties in obtaining quality maize for the production of triphosha for malnourished children have arisen.
Dr. Chitramali de Silva, Director of the Family Health Bureau, stated that there is a programme to obtain raw materials through the World Food Organization.

She also stated that numerous programmes are in place to improve the health of malnourished children.

Further more she  stated that government funds have been largely allocated to improve triphosa production as a supplementary food for malnourished children identified at the district level.

In addition, special attention has been paid to the implementation of a district-level nutritional bag distribution programme and the formation of nutrition committees.

These programmes will be carried out at the rural, provincial, and district levels.

She went on to say that food security is to be expected as a result of this.

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