Protesters recover over seventy eight million cash from Gota’s room! count in front of the cops and hand it over to them! Senior police officer, calls it over !

Following the siege of the president’s house, some university students discovered over Rs 78 Million in cash in an almirah where President Gotabaya Rajapaksa was supposed to have stayed.

Student took the money into their custody and prepared to hand it over to the special task force’s senior police officer, Nisha Fernando.
While refusing the cash, he called and informed Sagara Liyanage, the chief inspector of police in fort police station.
Sagara Liyanae, and his team went to the scene, videoed the exact location where the money was discovered, recorded the statements of five students, and took the cash into their custody.

While the police team was preparing to report this to the courts, a senior police officer who was embroiled at present in some controversies called the chief police inspector of Fort Police Station and requested him that no police entries be made about the cash and that it be handed over to the minister in charge of Police.
However, informed police sources said the chief inspector refused heed to this , but he has reported this to the police headquarters.

How ever the Police head quarters had instructed him without the consent of the Inspector General of Police not to had over the aforesaid amount of cash to any one.

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