Politics of underwear, Gota vs. Prabhakaran

Prior to the conflict, former President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa threatened those who participated in the ‘Gota Fail’ social media campaign. He threatened and claimed to have sent the world’s worst terrorist, Prabhakaran, to his death in his underwear. Following Prabhakaran’s death, the army removed his tiger uniform and displayed his body in his underwear. It was revealed that the decision to remove Prabhakaran’s uniform was made by him when he said that he was the one who sent Prabhakaran to the dead in his underwear after Gotabaya became President.

Before Prabhakaran’s assassination, Prabhakaran received a video of a Hollywood movie when the army advanced forward to capture Prabhakaran’s heart like Kilinochchi. The movie that Prabhakaran got was titled “300..

This movie tells the story of the Spartan army against the Persian king’s army. The Spartans had only 300 men in that war. They are a well-trained suicide army. That army puts heavy pressure against the Persian king’s army. The Spartans’ army kills the general of the Persian king’s army and wounds the king as well.

But when the king’s army is surrounded by thousands, the Spartans decide to go to a deadly war. He advises one of the 300 to flee. He is told to run away to give a message to his mother and the Civilians. The message is that one day the Persian king will be compensated for the sacrifice of 300 lives, including his own. The fugitive gives this message to the Spartans’ mother and the civilians. After hearing that story, the Spartans organized themselves and defeated the Persian king’s army. Prabhakaran told the LTTE not to surrender but to prepare to kill themselves like Spartans after watching this movie. Local leaders who were arrested after the war told military intelligence that Prabhakaran had instructed all LTTE members to watch this movie.

May 18, 2022, marks 13 years since Prabhakaran was killed. On the 13th day of May, people from the north and the south gathered and surrounded the presidential palace and the presidential office, demanding Gotabha to step down from the presidency. Mahinda, who led the destruction, of LTTTE had to hide in the air force base in Trincomalee. Gotabha had to flee the country in July. When he was fleeing, the protesters who entered the presidential palace showed the country a underwear said to belong to Gota. Prabhakaran is still a hero to the people of the north. But Gotabhaya is a traitor to the people of the south. Fate is so amazing.

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