Police officer who allegedly assisted Pulastini in fleeing the country has been granted bail.

The Batticaloa High Court granted bail to Chief Inspector of Police Nagoor Thambi Aboobucker, who was arrested for assisting and abetting Pulastini Mahendran alias Sarah Jasmin, one of the main suspects in the Easter Sunday attack, to flee the country.

On 13.07.2020, Nagoor Thambi Aboobucker was arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act for allegedly concealing information about Pulastini and escorting her in his vehicle to flee India. After 9 months in detention, he was brought before the Kalmunai Magistrate and remanded.

Nagoor Thambi Aboobucker filed a fundamental rights application through his attorney and human rights activist Atham Lebbe Aazath, alleging that his arbitrary arrest and detention violated his constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights.

Nagoor Thambi Aboobucker was released on bail after 32 months of detention and remand.

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