Police hunting for the man in pants and shirt near Dinesh’s car! Is this the crucial clue? Police searching for him!

The Criminal Investigation Department’s Homicide and Organized Crime Investigation Division has begun a detailed investigation into the individual who was near Mr. Dinesh Shafter’s car on that fateful day at Borella Kanaththa and disappeared fast.

A cemetery employee said he spotted a slender man standing near the automobile where Mr. Dinesh Shafter was slain and that he moved to the crematorium at the back of the cemetery.

When officials from the Criminal Investigation Department inquired from the cemetery worker, he stated that if he saw the man again, he would be able to identify him, who was in pants and a shirt.

According to a senior police officer, identifying that person will allow many details about Mr. Dinesh Shafter’s murder to be revealed.

In the cemetery, only three people saw Mr. Dinesh Shafter the victim of a crime. Krish Pereira and two cemetery workers were those three. It is now clear from their statements to the police that a wire was wrapped around Mr. Dinesh Shafter’s body.

In addition, their statements indicate that hands were bound with cable belts and that when they attempted to remove, only the wire around the body was able to removed, and Mr. Dinesh Shafter was placed in the seat next to the driver and transported to the Colombo National Hospital.

It is said that the Homicide and Organized Crime Investigation Division of the Criminal Investigation Department is conducting comprehensive investigations into the murder of Mr. Dinesh Shafter and working diligently to solve the crime.

Gayan Kumara Weerasinghe

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