Police exposed ! Thilini’s phone shows police chiefs’ luxury hotel room chats! One security chief advised Piyumali on security!

Thilini Priyamali, who is in prison for embezzling billions of rupees, has been using actresses and models to scare the unknown tycoons who gave her money. Also she has been used some seniour police officers to carry out her surrupticiouse and currupt dealings according tot the informations received from the police headquarters .

Information has also been revealed that this woman named Thilini Priyamali is in close association with many high-ranking police officers and has met those officers in star-class hotels.

A senior police officer said that she had videotaped the meetings with her mobile phone and had recorded some of the conversations.

The police headquarters information stated that the video footage and audio recordings are emerging during the examination of her mobile phones and other computer devices by the Criminal Investigation Department.

Police information also stated that the footage and audio tapes are being further analyzed by the Criminal Investigation Department.

It is also stated that a woman named Tilini Priyamali has given some gold-plated brass pieces to some businessmen who cheated them of money and that she has received protection from a high official of the police to transport those brass pieces.

In addition, it has also been revealed that a senior police officer has acted as her security advisor.

Investigations have revealed that Thilini Priyamali has invited senior officers of the police who were closely associated with her to the events and concerts organized by her .

Curtesy Dinamina

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