Police are closing in on the Dinesh Shafter killer..

The investigators of the Criminal Investigation Department, who are investigating the murder, have a strong suspicion that Mr. Dinesh Shafter, the director of Janashakti Company, was brought to the Borella cemetery and killed according to the plan of a close friend of his. This suspicion is rooted in the fact that Mr. Dinesh Shafter suddenly left his house at Flower Road, Colombo 07, claiming to be going to Borella and his car came straight to Borella Cemetery, as well as the facts that emerged from phone analysis.

A high-ranking police officer mentioned that the investigators have come under the suspicion of several persons, and the Criminal Investigation Department has directed them to check their mobile phone network by strictly observing their behavior before and after.

The officer also said that the person driving the car was someone who had a good understanding of the roads inside the Borella Public Cemetery. The official also said that in order to have such an understanding, he must have visited the cemetery several times and if Mr. Dinesh Shafter had been driving his car from home to the cemetery then this is not the first time he had visited the Borella cemetery.

“It is an unusual happening for a high society businessman like Dinesh Shafter to visit a cemetery to meet a person. And he leaves home alone. He could have come with a driver. He didn’t come like that. Therefore, it appears that he has come on this trip for a very personal matter. It is possible that even such a journey he has come to meet a very trustworthy person. It is also possible that he was tricked brought. On the way, there is a possibility that some person could have got into his vehicle and he had taken Mr. Dinesh Shafter to the cemetery. Investigations so far have not revealed such a thing. Further investigators are looking into it. If someone did not get into the car, someone was waiting to meet him in the cemetery. He is the killer of Dinesh Shafter,” said the officer.

The Criminal Investigation Department officials have found that the person who brought Mr. Dinesh Shafter to the cemetery had brought him there with the plan to kill him. Investigators have also found that the killing was not the result of sudden anger or a spur-of-the-moment incident.

“This crime on Dinesh Shafter has committed while he was in the driver’s seat. He was in the driver’s seat when he was found. It is evident from the statements given by his business colleague as well as an employee of the cemetery. Accordingly, it is further clear that Mr. Dinesh Shafter has driven the car. Mr. Dinesh Shafter was found dead in his car at the cemetery with his hands tied. It is not something like ropes that can be found around the cemetery. It is plastic cable ties. Cable ties are faster and easier than tying ropes. Besides, Mr. Dinesh Shafter’s neck was strangled with a wire. At first glance, it does not look like the wire was picked up from the ground. It’s a new one. He was tied to the driver’s seat with a wire around his neck. Cable ties and wires are not the stuff of graveyards. They have come with these to kill Mr. Dinesh Shafter in a planned manner. Accordingly, it appears that Mr. Dinesh Shafter was brought to the cemetery to be killed,” the official added.

The Criminal Investigation Department is currently investigating the murder of Mr. Dinesh Shafter based on the successful information, and the police information stated that the killers will be arrested soon by solving the mystery of the murder.

When Dinesh Shafter’s route from his house was monitored by security cameras, several vehicles that were traveling behind his vehicle were noticed by the investigating officers of the Criminal Investigation Department.

A high-ranking police officer said that an inquiry will be made regarding the owners of those vehicles based on their numbers.

The official also said that since the report of the fingerprints found in the car Mr. Shafter was traveling in is to be received today (20), they will find out if the fingerprints are compared to the criminals. Meanwhile, a senior officer of the Criminal Investigation Department said that yesterday (19) the statement of his wife Tani Shafter was obtained for the first time for nearly two and a half hours in relation to the murder of Mr. Dinesh Shafter.

Gayan Kumar Weerasinghe and Bandaragama Bimal Jayasinghe

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