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The statement by the Presidential Media Division that the government contributed Rs 288 lakhs to this year’s Poson is a blatant lie, according to Mihintale Rajamaha Viharadipathi. Ven. Walawahanguna Dharmarathna thero,

Ven Thero stated this during a press conference at Sanchi viharaya in Mihintale.

According to the media, the government gaven Rs 288 lakhs to the Mihintale temple, but it should have gone to the water board or security forces, he added. But not come to the temple.

This is a complete lie; I know nothing about it. I request that the PMD refrain from disseminating false information to the general public of the country.

I returned the district secretary  the Rs 31 lakhs he had given me. People from Galle, Matara, and Hambantota are now collecting funds from philanthropists and travelling to Mihintale in vehicle convoys.Aside from this Mihintale sacred area, which is over 100 acres in size, this should be eliminated in order to complete this difficult task. I went on a ‘pidapatha’ mission, and numerous devotees from all over the country contributed to this as well.

Vannila athho offered to pay their one day’s worth of meals cost  for this task.

Poson is significant for this country’s Budhists and Hindus. It may not matter to the cronies and henchmen in the presidential media division, but I ask that them to not deceive the people of this country.

I challenge if possible  to remove all of the electric bulbs I’ve hung and, if possible, reinstall them and bring  a generator.

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