Petroleum Puzzle: 1.7 Crore Worth of Oil Vanishes en Route to Milco! Unraveling the Mystery! Audit report I Sri Lanka Latest News

According to the audit general’s report, the Diesel stock of litres 165,300 worth Rs 17,209,467 released to Milco Abewela factory by the Petrolium corporation during 2015 to 2022 August 31st has not reached the factory storage tanks. Sri Lanka Latest News

Also, in the last six years (from the year 2017 to 31 August 2022), 14 Bowser trucks carrying 92400 liters of diesel worth Rs. 9,364,835 had not arrived at the factory but payment done for that fuel.

It is also mentioned in the audit report that the signatures shown on the invoices do not match the signatures of the security department officials regarding some stocks.

This information has been revealed in the document inspection of the security department of the receipt of fuel stocks.

Also, it has been revealed in the audit that 58703 liters of diesel have been misplaced in the diesel from the tanks for the power generator of the Ambewala dairy factory.

According to the audit report, it is observed that the internal control of Mangowala Dairy Factory is at a very weak level because of the frauds that have occurred in the purchase and issuance of fuel.

The audit recommended disciplinary action against parties involved in fuel irregularities.

In this regard, the management of Milko Company has mentioned to the audit that a full audit was conducted by the internal audit department regarding the diesel stock irregularities.

According to the facts revealed by the report, the officials responsible for this have been suspended and further disciplinary investigations are being conducted.

In this regard, the management of the company has informed the audit that investigations are being carried out by the Criminal Investigation Department.

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